Download this free recorded series to learn how to identify suicide risks and warning signs, the latest advancements in suicide assessment and interventions, how to support a youth after a suicide attempt, and steps for preventing suicide.

Webinar 1 – Understanding the Increasing Risks

  • Suicide rates continue to significantly increase, and we are seeing more children than ever experiencing mental health crises. Special populations are at even more risk with 40% of LGBTQIA+ youth reporting seriously considering suicide in the last year. We must continue to evaluate current research to ensure an understanding of the risks to children. This training looks at the changes in data related to suicidality, the special populations at greater risk, and warning signs to look for when working with youth.

Webinar 2 – Assessment and Intervention

  • Evidenced-based assessment is key to providing a quick, adequate response to a child experiencing suicidal ideation. The interventions we use must be clinically sound and attuned to that person’s life. As the technological world advances, so does our ability to ​provide interventions that youth can connect with and utilize in a more effective way. This training will focus on advancements in intervention and best practices in the assessment of suicidal ideation in youth.

Webinar 3 – Continued Care and Precautions

  • Once a child struggling with suicidality is stabilized, it is imperative to plan for continued care to ensure ongoing safety and wellbeing. This training will navigate through the different ways treatment providers and caregivers can support a child after immediate intervention. It will also discuss universal steps that can be taken to increase suicide prevention in communities and homes.

*Please note that we are not able to provide continuing education credits for anyone who views these recordings.

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