Free Webinar Series: COVID-19 & Mental Health

Download this free, 3-part recorded webinar series to understand the pandemic's impact on child brain development and mental health while getting practical tips on how you can support kids and teens.

Webinar 1: Understanding the COVID-19 Mental Health Crisis
  • Learn how COVID-19—specifically isolation, disrupted routines, lack of "normalcy" and other challenges—have affected child and family behavioral health. Get effective interventions you can use to help support youth and/or families who are struggling to cope.
Webinar 2: How to Help Youth Build Social-Emotional Skills for Healthy Coping
  • Get strategies and tools for how you can help children and teens build coping and resiliency skills as they adjust to their new "normals" in life.
Webinar 3: Caring for Yourself, the "Helper," in the COVID-19 Mental Health Crisis
  • Consider how COVID-19 has affected those of you in helping professions. Focusing on the impacts of uncertainty and fear, changes in normalcy, and challenges in meeting personal and professional expectations, learn about resiliency-building tools and other strategies to improve self-care.

*Please note that we are not able to provide continuing education credits for anyone who views these recordings.

Download the webinars

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